The Empire Housing Center, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to assisting low and moderate income residents of New York by administering housing programs.

Our work consists of grant writing and grant administration for general housing rehabilitation programs and also programs that focus on particular problems, such as replacing septic tanks in owner-occupied homes.

Our programs are set up to assist the homeowners, therefore all construction contracts are between the homeowner and the contractor.  At the end of construction, the grant pays the homeowner and the homeowner pays the contractor.  We do not do any construction, we mearly administer the grants.

We are currently expanding across Upstate New York.  We provide both direct services to low and moderate income residents as well as high quality, low cost grant writing and grant administration services to other not-for-profits that serve low-mod residents.  If you are a community leader and believe a housing grant may help your community, please give us a call and we can explain the options that are available.

The Empire Housing Center, Inc. does not do economic development, public infrastructure nor Main Street programs.  If you are interested in that type of program, we recommend that you contact one of the private consulting firms that specialize in those programs.

Our website is currently under development.

To contact us, you can reach Patrick Morris at (716) 980 - 5751.

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